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Laser Hair Removal FAQ's

Is Laser Hair Removal the Best Hair Removal Option?

Yes, laser hair removal is the longest-lasting method of hair removal available today.

Shaving lasts only a day or two, while depilatories, like Nair, last for only about a week (and they are smelly and messy).

Waxing can last for around a month, but it is extremely painful and can't permanently reduce the amount of hair in a given area the way that laser hair removal can.

Laser Hair removal works by deactivating the hair stimulating tissue in the skin, leaving a permanent smooth surface.Where Can Laser Hair Removal Be Done?

Laser hair removal can be done in a number of areas on the body.

The most common areas for hair removal are: The bikini line in women, facial hair (the "mustache") in women, back hair in men, the underarms in women, the chest in men, and the lower legs in women.

Most areas with troublesome hair can be addressed with laser hair removal today.

How Does a Home Laser Removal Device Compare With Professional Laser Hair Removal?

There are several home lasers designed for hair removal, such as the Tria laser.

While these devices are capable of some hair removal, they are extremely low power, battery operated lasers, and have very limited effects.

In addition, the home laser devices are extremely time-consuming, taking hours to get a large area covered.

In sharp contrast, the Vectus Laser system used by Solutions Laser Studio can remove hair from even the larger areas, like the back in only around 15 minutes or so.

The procedure is also administered by a health care professional, who is trained to safely administer the laser for the most desired outcome.

How Many Treatments Will Be Needed?

The number of treatments required depends on how much hair is present and how large the area is.

Additionally, each patient has a different rate of regrowth. However, most people can expect to need anywhere from two to six laser hair removal sessions to permanently eradicate hair.

The laser can only target hair when it's in an active growth phase, so multiple treatments are usually needed to get rid of all hair in all its phases and prevent future growth.*Individual Results May Vary

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